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Agriturismo in Liguria

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Welcome to the website of the Rudasso Farmhouse!

Rudasso is our family-run organic farm, located in Ranzo in Costa Bacelega, in Imperia. Our activity has ancient roots and since then, through generations, has continued to grow and to be a spokesperson for local traditions.

Today it is managed by Diana who takes care of the olive groves and the preparation of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Taggiasche Bio. She’s also behind the hospitality in the old farmhouse that became an agriturism that allows you to stay in contact with nature.

Our olives in brine and the pate of olives are other products that we obtain thanks to the organic cultivation of the taggiasche olives and that you can find in our farm. These products are also accompanied by excellent organic fruit jams, fresh fruits and vegetables obtained from an organic cultivation and aromatic herbs with an intense scent.

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