Our bio products

How to buy products

  • At the mill: come and visit us in any season. In winter, when the olives are harvested, you can see the mill in operation and taste the freshly squeezed oil (by reservation)
  • By phone or e-mail: call Silvana at 334.311.11.23 or write an e-mail indicating your name, address, telephone number and the products you wish to order. We will reply as soon as possible to confirm the availability of the products.
  • Shipping: to minimize any damage to the goods, we only ship canned oil and herbs by parcel courier. Shipping costs by parcel courier are charged to the buyer and depend on the total weight of the products with protective packaging and other variables. By way of example, between 3 and 10 kg costs are applied about 16 euros.

The products of the Rudasso Farm are obtained from our lands entirely cultivated according to the rules of organic farming. All our olive groves are of organic Taggiasca cultivar.

Taggiasca olives Oil

Our oil is cold pressed in our oil mill from organic Taggiasca olives. The result is an oil with an intense fruitiness and a light bitterness and spicy, the sweet, a typical characteristic of Taggiasca oil, is intense. Other aromatic olfactory sensations that are perceived in this oil are the hint of almond and the hint of the heart of the artichoke.

Olives in brine

Our olives in brine are of the Taggiasca cultivar and are processed according to the ancient recipe of our family. The brine is prepared by boiling the salt and organic aromatic herbs of our production in water. Once the brine has cooled, the olives are placed in containers covered with brine for a couple of months. When the olives reach a slightly salty taste and the taste of aromatic herbs is perceived, they are ready for consumption.

Olive paste

Our olive paste is produced by mincing the pulp of the olives in brine; this procedure is carried out with a special machine in our farm. Once the olives in brine are chopped, a mixture is obtained to which we add the organic extra virgin olive oil. The olive paste is very tasty, ideal for bruschetta and as a condiment for pasta.

Aromatic herbs

Our aromatic herbs of our farm are organic, with a very intense flavor and aroma.
In the vegetable garden and orchard of our farm it is possible to find seasonal vegetables and fruit, very tasty and fragrant, entirely from organic cultivation.